Designed and tutored by an MCAT test taker who scored in the 99.99% percentile.

We love the MCAT! Which makes Clayborne uniquely suited to help you wrestle the hundreds of MCAT questions you'll encounter. The MCAT takes a good deal of preparation, so we are excited that you have found a fanatical group of experts, who turn every interaction with the MCAT into a true learning experience. 

Clayborne Education’s two-part, individualized test preparation:

Diagnostic Stage: For MCAT students, our first step at Clayborne is a full-length diagnostic pre-test. We break down these results in detail and prepare a personally tailored program that is structured around the student's undergraduate background and medical school goals.  Then the student meets with Clayborne's graduate exam coordinator to discuss a proposed tutoring plan. The diagnostic stage is extremely valuable because it allows Clayborne's tutors to individualize the student's path to success. 

One-to-One Tutoring:  After the diagnostic stage, individual tutoring begins. Typically sessions last one to two hours, two to three times a week, following the course of the customized tutoring plan. Clayborne’s mix of helpful materials and expert tutors creates a proven, personalized approach to test preparation. 

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