Our experience shows that there are three primary elements to GRE success:

Analytical skills

The GRE rewards a quick and accurate response to information — the kind of response that traditional education does not always reward (remember your math teacher telling you to “show your work”?). The good news is that these skills, as they relate to GRE math, reading comprehension, and word relationships, can be taught. Do to the one-to-one, student specific nature in which we tutor, time or resources are never wasted on broad or general class-based ways of teaching. Our energy is acutely focused on your individual needs and the successful realization of your personal goals. 

Vocabulary knowledge

There’s no way to get around it: unless you are a voracious reader or a vocabulary enthusiast, you will need to learn hundreds of new vocabulary words for the GRE. Fortunately, we have studied the test and know what words bring the most bang for your buck. Whether you prefer the flash card method or learn best using mnemonics or narrative devices, we will equip you with what you need to know.

Math concept mastery

“It’s been so long since I’ve thought about geometry.” We understand you’re rusty! But we also know that GRE math, even though it can seem overwhelming, tests a limited number of concepts and skills. Armed with analysis of many GRE examples, and having assessed your skills, we address gaps in your knowledge with laser-like focus. With our help, you can do this!

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“I initially did not plan to do any formal tutoring for the GRE, since I had always studied for standardized tests on my own in the past and did not think I would get anything out of tutoring that I could not get out of a test prep book. But I was wrong! Rather than spending time on the sections of the GRE where I knew I could score well, Clayborne focused on my weak point: the math section. This is not something I could get from a test prep book: personalized, instant feedback on the efficiency of my problem-solving technique. I 100% recommend tutoring with Clayborne Education for the GRE.”
— Lucy G.