Academic Tutoring

We offer one on one tutoring for students in K-12, as well as a selection of college level classes. Clayborne’s academic tutoring meets each student’s personal needs; whether the issue is remediation (students falling behind in essential skills) or enrichment (fine-tuning or additional instruction for already successful students), we tailor each program and work to ensure that the necessary support is in place. 

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  • Math: It’s the daily bread of the tutoring world—it’s everywhere, and with good reason! Humanities-oriented and right-brained students find math frustrating and unhelpful. Even those who thrive in certain math areas can struggle in others, because the cognitive demands are so different (algebra versus geometry, statistics versus calculus). Success in math depends not only on developing specific skills, but also on acquiring a problem-solving, test-smart approach. Clayborne’s strong test preparation orientation allows us to equip students with exactly this blend of competencies.
  • Science: Students often need science help, either because they don’t readily think in scientific terms or because they fail to make significant mental connections with the way the material is presented in the classroom. Help with chemistry or physics may be needed because their significant math components can be challenging; biology and earth/environmental science present a different set of challenges. We have helped students studying all of these subjects make sense of the science material, and accomplish what is being asked of them.
  • AP Courses & Exams:  The AP test can make or break a college resume. We offer advanced tutoring for students taking a variety of offerings in math, science, English, history, and foreign languages.
  • English: Students may encounter difficulties in English class because of the varied nature of the subject. A student may have a strong vocabulary and strong writing skills but struggle to understand themes in literature. Another student may love reading narrative, but have difficulty writing a persuasive essay. Our tutors possess a variety of strengths that allow them to address each of these areas.
  • Writing: Clayborne’s tutors are equipped to edit students’ work and help improve students’ writing abilities. Moreover, drawing on our expertise in standardized testing, Clayborne offers reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary help. We also have a writing specialist on staff to help students gear up for college entrance essays, write outstanding papers for specific classes, prepare for AP exams, the SAT and the ACT.
  • History: Clayborne boasts tutors with a keen interest in history. We often see students in AP courses (AP U. S. History or AP World History), because of the large amount of material tested on AP exams. But history classes of all kinds require mastery of quite a bit of content, which can be overwhelming for a student, and can expose weaknesses in study skills and test taking. We can address the study of history from all of these angles.

College Courses

  • We offer various tutoring options for college courses. We pair you with one of our expert tutors with a graduate level degree to help you achieve your goals. Give us a call to see if we can help you with your course of study.


We offer a variety of foreign language tutoring options - whether it's Spanish, French, or Chinese, we can help you or your child turn confusion into comprehension! 

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