Test Prep

Studying for an AP test? Aiming for a competitive ACT score? Want to have every advantage for getting into your top college choice? Clayborne Education has all the tools to help you realize your goals. We help students where they need it, whether they struggle with test anxiety or they lack the skills and strategies necessary to reach their goals. We know the tests, we even love the tests, and we have the experience, techniques, and tutors to turn test obstacles into test success. Let Clayborne help you on your journey to success.

“The service I experienced with Clayborne was first rate. I always felt as if my needs were being met and that I was being properly prepared for my test day. I would recommend this service to anyone who is serious about getting results... positive results.”
— Gray F.

From the moment you inquire about our services to the moment you start your first Test Prep session, the Clayborne team is ready to help you reach your goals. Outlined below is our process for  incoming Test Prep inquiries. We handle these inquiries on almost a weekly basis, so we're well equipped to handle all of your Test Prep needs. 


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WHO we work with:

  • Student athletes
  • Students with learning disorders
  • Extended time candidates
  • National Merit Qualifiers
  • International students
  • Distance learners (remote sessions)
  • Early action students
  • Boarding school applicants