Helpful Test Prep Website:

Varsity Learning Tools - A great, free educational resource with over 100,000 professionally written problems and thousands of distinct practice tests across 150 subjects and standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT.

ACT test dates - Register for your ACT here.

Interactive ACT formula sheet - Interactive formula sheet where you can click on a topic to learn more.

ACT math overview sheet- Review of ACT math material.

Convert between SAT and ACT scores

SAT test dates

SAT math review guide

Helpful Math Websites:

Purple Math - An excellent algebra study site.
Khan Academy - Helpful videos and exercises to help students build the foundational skills that underlie math questions on standardized tests.

IXL - A site providing the opportunity for students to drill and practice hundreds of math skills, from early elementary school to late high school.

Helpful Vocabulary Website:

MemBean- A great tool for enhancing vocabulary skills.

Helpful Articles:

Different Learning Styles