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Today's Job Market is more competitive than ever; you need every advantage you can gEt

Looking to improve your LSAT scores? We can help. Having worked with over 1,000 students, our personalized, one-on-one tutoring model yields results. In fact, we guarantee it. 


We have designed our program for LSAT prep to fit the needs of each individual student - regardless of your work load or where you live. We use video conferencing and online tools to work with you to get into your law school of choice.

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Our tutors are experts in their subject areas, hailing from some of the leading universities in the country. Whether it is onlinein home, or in our beautiful education center in Charlottesville, we are committed to helping you reach your goals. 



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Our tutors can meet you at your home or school to fit in with your busy schedule



Live out of state or can't make it to us? We offer one-on-one online tutoring


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Through the use of the most recently released LSATs and effective, flexible strategies for every question type, Clayborne maximizes each student’s individual potential. You only want to prepare for the LSAT once. We can help you do it right, the first time. We’ve seen the evidence, with student test scores increase of more than 20 points!


Diagnostic Stage: For LSAT students, our first step at Clayborne is a full-length diagnostic pre-test. We break down these results in detail and prepare a personally tailored program that is structured around the student's graduate school goals. Then the student meets with Clayborne's graduate exam coordinator to discuss a proposed tutoring plan. The diagnostic stage is extremely valuable because it allows Clayborne's tutors to individualize the student's path to success. 

One-to-One Tutoring: After the diagnostic stage, individual tutoring begins. Typically sessions last one to two hours, two to three times a week, following the course of the customized tutoring plan. Clayborne’s mix of helpful materials and expert tutors creates a proven, personalized approach to test preparation.

Your future is riding on your LSAT score - make it count the first time!

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