Clayborne Reborne!

Fact:  9 years ago was 2009.

Myth:  Cats can fly.

These are the types of confusing facts and myths you have to deal with everyday.  Let's face it, the waters of the world are rough and you don't always bring your paddle.  Don't worry, we have engines for our boats and that makes them really, really fast.  

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We can explain everything you need to know about our programs and life in a few short videos.


Wikileaks released confidential footage of Clayborne's sales manager disclosing company secrets.  The implications will....blow....your....mind!

Clayborne's founder affirms Elon Musk's concerns that artificial intelligence could have serious negative consequences.  Beware GMAT and GRE test takers!



Finally, someone explains the true differences between the ACT and the SAT.  This groundbreaking explanation walks you through an eye-opening revelation about key test differences.

What is Academic Coaching?  Most people say it falls between tutoring and life coaching.  Listen as Clayborne's CEO explains to you that most people are wrong.



Are you perfect?  We don't think so. More importantly, we don't want you to be.  That's because we have a tried and true method for fixing life's biggest mistakes.  Richard Needham once again delivers earth-shattering insight into Clayborne's revolutionary methods for success.

With years of entrepreneurship coaching under his belt, Clayborne's CEO discusses how negotiated one of the biggest deals in Clayborne history.  Check your expectations at the door because this insight will shake the foundation of your understanding of basic economics.



As the director of test prep at Clayborne, Scott Webster knows that preparation is the key for success.  This motivational video shows how being well prepared can make the most complicated questions seem effortless.  Scott's captivating on screen presence, ability to adapt to any question, and his recollection of facts will be remembered with the likes of Simon Sinek, Amy Cuddy, and Tony Robbins.  Be prepared to feel inspired!

Taking a standardized test takes is about preparation and nothing says preparation like our test prep director Scott Webster.


We are everywhere and we are nowhere. 

Try to wrap your head around the ramifications of that statement.





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