Our History

Two years ago, Clayborne initiated an outreach program in the hopes of providing Clayborne’s services to those in the community who are not able to afford them. We begun out outreach efforts by providing scholarships to students of our community, and initiating our refugee fund of 2016 that supported the academic support of a local refugee high school student. During the fall of 2017 Clayborne helped twenty students through scholarships for test prep and tutoring.


Our Mission

Clayborne’s outreach program seeks to serve all students of Charlottesville, by providing a place for all students to succeed regardless of economic background. Our missions is to find first generation students who lack the resources to be able to reach college, and then to provide them with what they need to get there and succeed, through a holistic, focused and relationally based program.


Our Goal

We have thoughtfully and carefully crafted a program curriculum with resources for test prep, academic coaching, college success, and more, through which Clayborne hopes to make high school completion and college success possible for first generation students. This fall 2018 we hope to initiate this redesigned scholarship program for four students.


Our Need

We need your help to provide these resources to students to help them succeed.

Will you help us?

Click on our Go Fund Me page to find out more about how you can help us reach our goal.

If you are interested in learning more about our community outreach and scholarship programs, please reach out to Community Outreach Coordinator and Scholarship Director, Sarah Field, at sarah@clayborne.com.